Issues with ATV Flash 3.4.5

Hi all,
first of all I’d like to thank everybody for contribution at this forum and for all the suggestions I’ve found so far.

My setup is: AppleTV version 2.3, ATV flash 3.4.5 version, Time Capsule. I use composit cable to connect my ATV to my no-flat TV.
I’ve also run Smart Installer to see HDD via USB port.
My issues are:

  1. the new 3.4.5 version installs Perian 1.1.3. This cause problem to my movies (whose sync with iTunes). Infact after update I’ve only audio and no video (black screen on my TV). I’ve to downgrade manually to Perian 1.1.2. to see again video. No video problem with movies in my NitoTv/Files menu (whose sync with cyberduck).

  2. I see my Time Capsule under NitoTv/Network with “afpoverip” extension. When I click on it, the system ask if I want to log as guest or user with pwd. After click on guest ti get the “error-1069 =No Servers at that address”.

  3. I try to mount HDD with smb but nothing: mount_smb errors.

Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance for your support on this issues.


i got the same setup and would like to stream from the time capsule
and when i go to mount it in the DVD-Network menu i get the same error

is there a way to get it working?

Hi there!

  1. known issue. on a fresh install, perian installer asks whether to use apple or perian for h.264 playback. choose apple and you are fine.

  2. for afp you have to have recovery.dmg (1.0) in frontrow/documents present while doing smart install (knowledgebase). did you?

  3. don´t know nothing about smb