Issues with accessing media share via webdav (Infuse 5 Pro on iPad Air 2)

Hi there,

I have a weird problem with accessing my media share via webdav. In short: refreshing the list only returns a small set of items, and always a different set. Out of about 25 TV series it shows between 5 and 9 random entries it seems. Refreshing the list gives me a different list of entries. The same goes for accessing the list of files in a directory. Sometimes I get a message saying there’s nothing there, sometimes it lists a few episodes but not all.

The weird thing is that when configuring the share it does show all the entries!

Some details:
The share I have set up is filled with TV series which I encoded from DVD to MP4 (older TV series such as MacGyver, Airwolf, Magnu,m etc) , so I can watch them from everywhere. In total I currently have about 25 series there, so not really much.

The directory layout is standard: Series name / Season 01 / series.s01e01.mp4

The share is a basic Webdav share (Apache2.4 with mod_dav) which works fine. I can even play media from the file and access it via other means. Other webdav clients, including media players on the iPad, give no problems.

Finally: I’m using an iPad Air 2 to access the shares.

I’ve tried switching off metadata fetching and embedded metadata and I’ve even tried to delete the metadata. It all makes no difference unfortunately.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what this can be?