Issues with 5.1 audio output

James, thank you for your work. I’ve been waiting for Mac’s app for a long time. I have MacBook Air 2013 and iMac 27 5K 2019, which is a whole lot working well, but I have an aggregate device for sound 5.1, and it’s perfectly reproduced in normal media players, Infuse only reproduces 2.0 channels.


Can you provide a bit more info about your setup so we can get this on our radar?

Hello everyone! I have the same problem here ! No sound with my Mac mini M1 and 5.1 Dolby Digital track. Did i have to download specific sound codec ? Thx !

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Since this thread is a couple of months old it would help when you post to state what version number of Infuse you’re using as well as what MacOS.

Per the earlier request in the thread also provide that info would probably help.

Ok sorry :yum:. My Infuse Mac version is 6.6 (6.6.3459)

What MacOS and what additional sound system if you’re running one. How are you checking for 5.1 audio?

Ok :+1: ! My output sound is an external screen monitor with hdmi input. I change my output audio for Mac mini integrate loudspeaker and audio works well ! Thx guys !

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I take this as your problem is solved. :slight_smile: Glad to hear it.