issues w/ ssh and putty

I’ve succesfully jailbroken my atv2, but am experiencing some issues w/ putty when trying to install nitotv and xbmc. When i input the i.p. address from the atv into putty it comes back with an error stating that it couldn’t find the host. My atv is connected wirelessly but the computer is connected via ethernet. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to something that can be done. Thanks

Can you ping the IP address of the Apple TV?

Are you 100% sure you are connected to your wireless network (silly question to ask I know).

Same problem here, cant ssh to aTV2 wired and wireless connections are refused by the ssh server.

nmap shows port 22 opened (not filtered) but i just cant login.

Same here. I am going to restore and see if it works then. SSH does work on my other apple tv2 which is strange because i upgraded and jb at the same time

This is a bona fide issue. I have seen this issue on many units. There is a problem with either the ssh package or the jailbreak. SSH’ing works initially but when you try to use it later, it just says connection failed etc.

A kludge workaround is installing afc2add in nito and using iFunbox to transfer your files.

Really? iFunbox can suppot ATV like the other iOS devices after installing afc2add in nito? Could you pls confirm this for me? Thanks.


I just did it to transfer my XBMC folder. So yes it is “confirmed”. I am currently in the process of upgrading and re-jailbreaking to the latest firmware.

The issue I now have though is that after SSH’ing my previous XBMC folder, I  cannot run the the command to change ownership of the folder :frowning: