issues subtitles and audio

Hi, I recently updated Maintenance and Media Player via the update menu to version 1.3. With previous versions I had some issues with subrip subtitles (.srt) but with the update before 1.3 everything was solved. I updated yesterday to 1.3 because of the added language support, but now atv flash black is useless for me: subtitles aren’t working at all & mkv and dvdripped folders (video_ts and audio_ts) have instead of their audio an annoying loud noise, which is painful to your ears. I have checked the cables and reboot the device multiple times but because airplay is working successfully it isn’t a problem with that.

Has anybody the same problem (after 1.3 update) or has someone a solution? Is there maybe a way to get back on version 1.2? Because my atv is nice installed in the tv cabinet, I don’t like to remove it there, plug it to my MacBookPro re-jailbreak etc.

Is your AppleTV connected to an AV receiver or just a TV? If connected just to a TV you may try disabling the AC3 and DTS audio options found in the Media --> Settings --> Playback menu.

Regarding subtitles, you may try adjusting the encoding type as described here.

It is connected directly to the television. I will try your adjustments, but I find it weird that before the update everything was working properly (the same media files on the same locations) and now after it it isn’t.

Thank you for the help

After disabling DTS and AC3, audio from mkv and dvdrip files work again; the problem with the subtitles was a filename conflict: there was also a and the Media Player picked that one instead of the; so that’s working again too