Issues streaming with AirPort Time Capsule and Infuse 3

I can’t seem to connect to my external network HDD via AirPort Time Capsule (new one), using Infuse 3. The AirPort appears in the app but won’t connect and view content. Furthermore the AirPort has an internal HDD which also isn’t accessible. I’ve ensured that i’m connected as a guest and using my disk password to connect, but an error message, ‘Empty Folder’ always appears. I’ve even tried sharing the HDD via my iMac as a public folder with read only options, which again, appears on infuse via my iPad but won’t display content and refuses to overall connect. I’ve ensured that sharing connections are allowed on all my devices, I’ve also ensured that AirPort settings are allowing the HDD to be shared. I can access all my content from my MacBook and my iMac over the AirPort as a network drive but Infuse just won’t allow me to view the content! It’s super frustrating, anyone have clues?

Just as a note, the AirPort and Apple TV are all latest versions (both purchased on 15/10/14), and i’m running Infuse 3. I’ve also ensured SMB is activated (both when I attempted to share the HDD via my iMac and also in Airport Utilities.

setting username to admin and using the device password did it for me. Hope it helps.