Issues streaming from NAS to AppleTV3

Hi guys,


I’ve been strugling with Infuse 2. I have a Seagate central connected to my network and I’m trying to stream videos using my IPhone 5S (7.0.4 JB) or IPad 2 (7.0.4 JB) to my apple tv3 using airplay.

Normally the app would take 2-3min to connect to the NAS and then around 1min more to start streaming to my atv.



  1. I can’t pause the video for too long, because the AppleTV would say the video is no longer available

  2. It always crashes almost at the end of the video (missing 1min or less) and I have to restart the video and seek that position again to finish the video and scrobble it to

  3. Once I started streaming, the appletv won’t buffer the whole video, it will only buffer 10sec or a little more of the place the video is currently playing


Can someone help me figure out whats going on?

Best regards


I have exactly the same problems, i hope they get solved in the next update.



There are a number of network speed improvements coming in the upcoming 2.2 version that should solve some of these issues.

With regard to the video stopping before the end…is this happening with all file types or just a few? We’ve had a few similar reports, but haven’t managed to replicate the issue here.


Its happening with all videos, you can test with any episode from “The Blacklist” downloaded from

  • What about pausing and crashing?
  • Or not streaming more than 5-15sec in advanced? will it be able to stream more than that in the next version?
  • When is the next version coming out?

Many thanks



Hi Pablo,

In those files from, do you add subtitles trhough Infuse app? Because for me thats whats makes the file stop in the end. If i add the subtitles in the app the file loads slowly and it stops before the end, but if i dont add subtitles, the files loads really fast and never stops.

Can you please check that?



Hi nuno,

Yes I use both: subtitles from the Infuse app, and srt files downloaded previously, on both it crashes near the end. 

I’ll try without subs and let you know!

BTW: I found a new issue, I can’t airplay mp4 files (i.e. Lone Survivor 2013 DVDScr x264 NO1KNOWS) it starts for about 2 seconds and then stops and it won’t resume playing. 

If I play it without airplay, it will work fine on the ios device.



Thanks for the info.

Is your Apple TV connected to an AV receiver or just a TV?

You may try disabling the Dolby Digital over AirPlay item (in playback settings menu) and see if that helps.

Hi James,

Its connected to a TV via HDMI and to the Home theater with a Digital Audio cable.

Yeah, removing the Dolby digital audio works for some videos, many thanks. Why does it fails?

I still need to test watching a complete episode without subtitles to see if it crashes near the end



One thing you may try is setting the Apple TV’s Dolby Digital setting to On instead of Auto. In essence, Infuse is trying to send a Dolby signal to the Apple TV, but the Apple TV isn’t detecting your receiver correctly.

Hi James,

Thanks, I’ll try that!

FYI: watching the episode without subs keeps crashing near the end, so that wasn’t the bug.

Please some help with that issue!!!

Br and many thanks


Hi Pablo,

I’m sorry to bother you, altough i have another test for you. I’ve confirmed that streaming from NAS with or without subtitles the movie stops near the end (There was an error playing this content) and sometimes the app crashes. This in version 2.1.

Ny request was if you could try puttiing a file inside you iPad/iPhone and then stream to apple TV, with subtitles and without subtitles (this situation is when with the subtitles the movie stops near the end and only loads like 10 sec at a time and without subtitles everything runs smoothly)

Can you try this situation? I wasnt able to test 2.2 yet, but i will tomorrow. I wish some of these things are fixed, but unfortunately if the developers were unable to reproduce the error i have my doubts that it will be fixed soon. But its really anoying.

Of course there are other improvments i would like to see, but before this bug is fixed, it makes it difficult to appreciate the movie/show, if every time near the end the movie either stops or the app crashes.

Thank you,


Hi Nuno,


I’ve tested a video with subs (.srt) in version 2.2 an it works perfectly, it doesn’t crash!

I’ll keep testing and let you know of the results!




I observe the same problems in my setup with Infuse 2.2.

I use Infuse on my iPad Mini Retina to stream mkv files from my Synology NAS to an Apple TV 3 connected to my TV via HDMI and to the Audio equipment via SPDIF optical fibre.

In 9 out of 10 cases the streamed contents stops with the error message mentioned in earlier posts at about 50 to 30 seconds near the end of each video.

Hope you can fix this, because this is extremely annoying.

Unfortunately I have to say that the problem is back in 2.2.1.


Every video crashes near the end.


Please fix this.



We’ve got a few improvements coming in the 2.2.2 update which (we hope) will solve what’s going on.

We’re hoping to submit 2.2.2 to Apple later this week.

Infuse 4.3, Ipad air and Apple TV 3rd generation

I am not able to stream any video on my TV using air play. Buffering all the time and then an error message. Already boot apple tv and Ipad, but same issue. Any idea?