Issues browsing with couch surfer

Ok so I finally got my atv2 vs 4.2.1 jailbroken via the tethered option and installed atv flash beta 2 succesfully everything seems to work fine except the web browser it won't open basic web pages like gmail unless I open it in basic html mode ....even than I keep getting the message memory low and I don't have oulanything installed besides atv flash and nito tv and I don't get this message w/ any other programs. 


Any think this is a beta issue? or should I reinstall it

I also am trying to figure out the differences between the atv 1 version and the atv 2 version ie. can a flash plug in be installed on atv 2 as well, and boxee....seems like a lot of goodies are available on atv 1 that arent on atv 2 unless I'm missing something



Plex is the closest to boxee right now. and there's no flash yet. atv2 runs on iOS4 like an iphone or ipad atv1 is way different so everything is being reinvented. give it time

sorry double post