Issue with TV series Metadata


I am facing some issues with TV series metadata.
I already checked the file naming convention and I organized the files consistently but something still do not work.
I make the following example in which the series are not recognized at all:

Alien Monkeys-S1E01-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E02-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E03-C.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E04-D.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E05-E.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E06-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E07-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E08-C.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E09-D.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E10-E.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E11-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E12-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E13-C.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E14-D.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E15-E.avi
Alien Monkeys-S1E16-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E01-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E02-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E03-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E04-C.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E05-D.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E06-E.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E07-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E08-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E09-A.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E10-B.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E11-C.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E12-D.avi
Alien Monkeys-S2E13-E.avi

This is just an example and it is happing in many cases. What can I do?

I also have same cartoon series not listed in, etc… How can I add the metadata manually?

Thank you!!

My naming convention looks perfectly in line with this link. What is it wrong?

Thank you!!


Maybe not.

You need to follow these templates:


But in your case, you have : Alien Monkeys-S1E01-A.avi

Can you try to change it into :
=> Alien.Monkeys.S01E01.avi ==> I personnaly use this template
=> Alien.Monkeys.S1E1.avi
I do not know. But given the series I’ve ever found.
So if this is not the problem.
And what it means A B C D ???

Thank you.

@ Mangadonf: I tried all the naming suggest but the files are still listed all together without any distinction thru seasons.
In many other cases it works but for this and for other Cartoon saries it doesn’t.
Any suggestion to fix it?

@ ClonyXXL: not clear what you mean. Also following your link you can see that the series does not exist in thetvdb. Then do you know how to manually include metadata?

Thank you Guys in advance.

You can use a program called
“Media Companion”
You can find the direct link in a post called “manually editing meta data” It works like a charm. You point it to the folder of your choice, specify what kind of media it is, and it does the rest.

Thank you. But this is only for win. There is a similar software compatible with infuse for osx/mac?

Thank you again.

Here you go
Hub Flow for mac

Tiny media manager for Mac

either of these should work, it depends on your preference. I like the hub flow 1 myself, but that’s just me. Good luck!

MediaElch is a very good (and free) Mac OS app