Issue with TV Series Custom Season Poster Override Absent Strict Season Sub-folder Naming

I updated thread title as I’ve discovered the issue is not related to the number of seasons in a series but instead how one names the season sub-folders.

I have in my collection the US television show Survivor (2000) — now with 43 complete seasons under it’s belt, a 44th set to air in a few months, and a 45th and 46th in production (plus a “Season 0” for specials).

When browsing my library via the files interface (where season posters can be seen), my custom folder.jpgs are ignored — and replaced by those on TMDB. Why?

This does not seem to happen on other shows which have fewer seasons (though my next most-seasoned shows each have only 22 seasons).

Overriding series artwork is done a bit differently than overriding regular folders.

More info on the requirements for this can be found here.

In addition to the season poster “folder.jpg” files I had to add to each series folder since beginning to use Infuse (because otherwise when browsing seasons by folder the folder icons were blank) I’ve always stored copies of the season poster jpegs in the series’ root folders like so:

Are those file names incompatible with the 101? Because I’ve never had this issue before.

(My season folders are named simply “Season 1” — or “Season 01” if more than 9 seasons.)

Rename ‘folder.jpg’ to ‘poster.jpg’ and you should be good.

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Either of those seems to be treated the same in the season folder, but only folder.jpg works in the main series folder (for the series poster).

So I’ve been running a lot of tests to determine Infuse behavior on this issue (with a “use local metadata, use online metadata” metadata dump cycle in between each) and here’s what I’ve figured out.

Local season posters will be displayed if either a “season##-poster.jpg” or “season ##-poster.jpg” file appears in the series’ root folder; OR if a “folder.jpg” or “poster.jpg” appears in the season folder; OR both of these are present.

What tripped up this series for me is that something seems to have changed in the way the FILES view displays folders when browsing TV show folders — why can I no longer directly see my folders as I’ve organized them on my server?

When I browse to my Survivor series folder

(Share)/TV/4.Returning HD Series/Survivor (2000)

I no longer see the folders under “Survivor (2000)” as they exist on that share and as I’ve named them:

Season 00
Season 01 (Borneo)
Season 02 (The Australian Outback)
Season 03 (Africa)

Instead, Infuse just pulls all video content from the main Survivor folder and dumps it all into the same “bucket” … only allowing me to view it on a per-season level after it is indexed (as in the library). This isn’t how browsing by folders should work. I should be able to open the Survivor folder even when “Use Local Metadata” is executed and still access the episodes in the folders I placed them in. I no longer can.

I believe this library-fication of the FILES browser is why my season-level folder.jpgs are no longer respected. Because I’ve included the season titles in the names of the season folders, Infuse no longer allows me to override images it draws from TMDB — even though it should, because my folder structure exists as it does for a reason …

and because even though my folder names say more than just “Season 1” and “Season 2”, Infuse has no difficulty recognizing and correctly identifying episode video files stored in those folders, as they use acceptable Survivor (2020) - S01E01 (other stuff).mkv file names.

This is not generally a problem with most shows in my collection so probably why I haven’t noticed it till now. Few series have specific titles for each season, and of those that do, I don’t feel compelled to explicitly use them for file management purposes as a series with so many unique seasons as Survivor calls for (in my use case).

In any case, the only thing I can do now to restore my ability to override TMDB’s season posters is to rename my season folders so as to exclude the season titles and restrict their names to Season 1 or Season 01 only.

That stinks.

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