Issue with transparency on posters (PNG files)


I am facing an issue with PNG cover art transparency. I found another post with the same issue from cirrostratus in feb 2017, answer was that this was fixed in version 4.1.

For me, this does not work. See attached file (this is how the PNG appears on screen. The white area around the case should be transparent.)

Can you help ?

Thanks !

We’ll take a look. Thanks.


Did you get a chance to have a look at the transparency issue ? No showstopper here, but I spent months preparing nice posters/case art for my whole database and it is a pity to see these white areas around the pictures.

It somehow ruins the great Infuse end-user experience (by end-user I mean wife and kids of course ;-))

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not yet, but it’s on our radar. :slight_smile:

Any idea when this might be implemented? Not a huge issue - but would be great to be able to remove the white/black backgrounds on my custom folder images.