Issue with Transfer speeds?


Im transfering files from my mac to my apple tv via the network and im getting very slow transfer rates arond the 300kb to 600 kb/sec range and was wondering what i can do to increase the rate maybe with a ethernet connection?? any advice?

thanks in adavance

It sounds like you may be connected via SFTP instead of FTP. FTP transfers are substantially faster than SFTP.

We have a FTP guide here:

no im using ftp and its still super slow i dont know why im using cyberduck and those settings in the guide andi have a netgear router

I’d personally advise establishing a dedicated N network for streaming media from throughout the house - I believe that is the easiest way for non-networking experts to eliminate other devices creating an issue (believe me, even the most innocent looking low bandwidth device can slow down the entire network - and primarily as a result of it’s low bandwidth. Expect a wireless network to slow down to the speed of the slowest device… just like USB2.0 devices which slow down if a USB 1.x device is detected. THe easiest way to create a dedicated N-network that I’ve found is to connect an Airport Express (connected via ethernet cable) to a remote computer/media hub - at least on OSX, it’s fairly easy to “bridge” this new N network to the existing wireless network for Youtube/iinternet access on the AppleTV. If you’re trying to get seamless streaming of DVD quality media wirelessly, I’d strongly recommend getting rid of the clunker PCs - even SAMBA and the presence of windows networking traffic appears to wreak havoc - if you’ve a nice, tiny mac-mini hooked up to a few TB though, this setup has worked very well for me.