Issue with TOP subtitles


I have issue with TOP subtitles for some reason when subtitles is displayed on TOP the text is half cut. I open support ticket before almost 1 month but some reason I dont get any replay last 10 days, I try all troubleshoot but I have non stop issue.

Bellow is image how it looks half cut subtitle.
P.S. Issue is only on iOS

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It will help to tell us what device, device OS number, and Infuse version number.

iPhone 15 PRO
iOS Version: 17.0.3
App version: 7.6.1

I think maybe issue is with one option of my subtitle settings, maybe affect that above subtitle top half-cut text, this is my settings but I dont know which option affect that half-cut text:

Vertical Alignment?

I try to put “Default” or “+3” its same, text is half cut.
I see issue on more movies/series and I test to use movie/series included subtitles and I try to download subtitles from infuse app, it have same issue on both ways…

Why not try “0” or “-3”?

I dont see that option

I also have this issue on Mac 7.6.1, Sonoma

notice the font is not vertically aligned centre