Issue with The Big Bang Theory Season 11 metadata.

After the debacle of Infuse loosing my share and favourites I had to rebuild all my metadata. The Big Bang Theory in both the main TV Show and season 11 posters now doesn’t show the logo currently watching (the pie logo in the top right corner) and the metadata for season 11 seems wrong. It doesn’t seem to fetch the right poster for the season (there is no “The complete season 11” in the poster), the poster doesn’t get shown in the episodes list but I get a low res preview instead, and in the top shelf I get a grey poster with dots. It was fine before.

I have deleted all metadata and shares few times due to the above issue, so I am not sure how/where it is getting the wrong or corrupted metadata (or no metadata at all for season 11). Would a completely fresh installation fix it? How would I do it?

Which poster are you seeing for Season 11?

Is it one of these?

Yes, I get the blue one, but without the text “Season 11”. Which is the same poster for the whole TV show. Inside the season (in the list of episodes) I get a low-res preview of a scene of the episode instead of the poster. I tried everything (move the series to another folder, delete the metadata, whatever, just name it) it doesn’t get the right poster. Which was there previously. Oh, and I get the grey icon in the top shelf.

A slightly different thing happened with “Once Upon a Time” season 7. Since it had issues guessing it was “Once Upon a Time (2001)” I added “.2011” after the tv show name in all files. At that point only episode 11 and 22 (? The last anyway). All other episodes were unrecognised. To be ore specific this has been the scenario:

  • Once.Upon.a.Time.S07E11.1080p.blah.blah: The series couldn’t get recognised as “Once Upon a Time”)
  • Once.Upon.a.Time.2011.S07E11.1080p.blah.blah: The series was getting recognised but only the episode 11 and 22 were added
  • Once.Upon.a.Time.2011.S07E11.Secret.Garden.1080p.blah.blah: all works fine

Another issue I always have is with “The Frankenstein Chronicles”. I must search for “Frankenstein Chronicles” (with the “The” in front it finds nothing) and then change the association manually.

All of them always get rightly recognised by Kodi. Which as far as I understood use the same thetvdb scrobbler.

PS: I’ve forgot to mention that Infuse in the iPad, in the list of The Big Bang Theory season, does show a poster with “Season 11” written on the bottom. All others have the poster “The Complete n-th Season” on the top, though. Actually, a picture is worth 1000 words. Please see the attachments.

i have the exact same issue with The Big Bang Theory Season 11 metadata, i have upload some screenshots to see the difference between the 10th and 11th season.
Any trick to fix this?

Same problem here. When I’m in the “seasons view” I get the same poster as the complete series. And when I go inside season 11… There’s no poster at all…
I checked on and season 11 poster is there, I don’t know why Infuse isn’t using it…