Issue with tap to seek on slider

when I am trying to seek a movie to specific time by tapping on slider it isn’t accurate with the time stamp shown above slider pic. it’s way ahead of the time I want to tap, seems like the circle thing isn’t accurate to tap.

How far off is the image? And does this happen on all movies or specific ones?

I don’t know exact how far off it is, but it happens with all contents, i haven’t tested it with offline files tho, just been streaming directly from Gdrive.

Is it seeking to the correct time, but the preview thumbnail is a bit off?

Preview thumbnails are not exact, so the same preview could potentially span a few seconds or more (this sort of depends on the exact file specs).

It is seeking to incorrect time. I wanted to seek to preview time (not image just time) but it seeks 20 seconds ahead of the selected time or maybe something like that. And it would be helpful if seek time is shown above preview image all the time even if preview image isn’t loaded.
Hover the mouse to given specific time and tap it will seek 20-25 seconds ahead of the selected time as the slider think it’s tapped at it’s left side end not middle.

What device(s) are you seeing this with?


MacBook Pro 14 here. Sometimes I have this issue too, maybe 1 out of 10 times. I playback LAN plex movie not google drive though.
I notice that the seek time above thumbnail sometimes will be update/change, if user click before the seek time “updated” org drive is not fast enough, maybe that will cause the issue?
hopefully you can see what I mean below.

just notice if you click on a time closer to the circle, the seek time will be off.