Issue with subtitles from

There are some issues with subtitles, specifically for shows.

It seems that OpenSubtitles has listed the wrong episode number for some shows, namely Mister Ed, Happy Days, and others.

As it is an OpenSubtitles issue, there is not much to be done from Infuse, but I was wondering if you could add the feature of selecting the episode season and number for when OpenSubtitles offers the wrong one.


Could you say about how many episodes you’re seeing this with? Could you provide some examples?

Are you looking at opensubtitles dot com or dot org?


I search for the subtitles from within Infuse. I use a Apple TV device, so I slide down to get the subtitles control, click on Get more, and then it connects automatically. I means

I have Mister Ed season 1, and I’ve seen that episode 26 (Wilbur sells Ed) subtitles are listed as episode 25, while episode 26 is listed as (Ed cries wolf). Then Episode 25 (Pine Lake Lodge) are listed as episode 14. Almost every episode starting with episode 12 in the 1st season are wrong. These are some examples, I’ve got.

The proper list of episodes is in Wikipedia, and corresponds to what I have. Also, the description of each episode that Infuse itself gives corresponds to each episode according to Wikipedia’s list (and mine).

Actually if I could select which subtitle I want for an episode, that would fix the issue, rather than have fix everything.


Currently, OpenSubtitles is using episode lists from IMDb (Mister Ed - Season 1 - IMDb) and for a handful of series there is some variance with TheTVDB (Mister Ed - Aired Order - Season 1 - which is what Infuse uses.

The good news is OpenSubtitles is working on their new API and will be moving away from IMDb…so this problem should resolve itself relatively soon.

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Nice to know.



Since currently Infuse has moved to TMDB, do you know of any possible “implications” on this kind of case, so we could get the best search results ? (ex: do you know if OpenSubtitles has also moved/integrated on their API TMDB support ?).

OpenSubtitles had previously planned to move from IMDb ordering to TheTVDB ordering, but with the changes announced last year by TheTVDB I expect they will move to TMDB instead (along with everyone else).

Their new site is still in beta, and the API access still uses data from the main site.

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