Issue with some MKV files

Hello everybody,

I have some trouble with infuse. First the setup Apple TV 4K, the newest (?)AirPort Extreme with an external hard drive with all my movies on.

There are 141 Movies with the mkv. format. 29 of the 141 doesn‘t want to play, there are everytime the same issue „ when loading the contents, a mistake occurred“ but when i connect my Macbook Pro to the external hard drive it works fine.

Somebody has a solution for this?
Thanks :slight_smile:

What version of Infuse are you using, the latest 6.3.5?

Are you using the paid version of Infuse or the Pro version? Alot of MKV files have DTS or AC3 audio which requires the pro version due to licensing of the audio codecs.

Yes I’m using the Pro Version on 6.3.5. All of them have DTS. I‘m really confused because i see no system why this doesn’t work. Some movies work others not…

Could you run one of the problem files through mediainfo and post the results?

Here it is