issue with saving shsh on ifaith

I’ve been working on a few apple tvs lately and sometimes when I save the shsh via ifaith, it goes flawlessly, other times it gets stuck at each stage and I have to manually put the atv in DFU each time it changes stages. Any idea why?

Not sure why, but I think it’s hit and miss for all of us.  Overall I have better luck dumping blobs with version 5.6 but not always.

I usually use ifaith to save the shsh, is seas0npass any better? Sometimes I get unable to save firmware on that too and I don’t know why.

Totally agree, very hit & miss,

I wanted to try (and I do mean try) to save my blobs tonight, my first attempt on laptop win7 64bit admin rights, av off, using ifaith v 1.5.6, got all the way through and I was met with — something along the lines of, sorry your version is not recognised, I’m assuming 1.5.6 doesn’t know about 5.3. (my guess).

so quickly i attempted with latest version 1.5.9, managed to get past limera1n, then stuck… wait, wait a little longer, it was obvious it wasn’t going to go any further.

2nd attempt got to ibec ect, … yep you guess it stuck again.

Quickly over to old xp machine, i’m bound to have more luck here, ran 1.5.9, got to limera1n, then crash, errored out on s-irecovery.exe has caused an error would you like to send this information ect.

tried again, same thing.

maybe theres a point there, maybe you do have to keep putting it into dfu mode on every step. or has it something to do with Atv being tethered only.