Issue with playing 4K HDR


I have an issue with 4K HDR content.

Let me explain, I have a Plex share in Infuse with a Plex server on my Synology NAS (1815+) and I have also added a SMB share to my NAS to browse all my files.

When I play a 4K HDR video from Plex share, I don’t have HDR enabled but when I play this same file from SMB share HDR is working.

When I play video from Plex share I’m well in direct play in my server info.

I confess I do not understand, someone has an explanation?

I’m running plex server as well and have HDR. I’m using the latest plex pass version of the server on a synology ds416play

By chance, do you have multiple versions of these videos on your Plex server? Infuse will support Plex’s ‘Play Version’ so there’s a chance the SDR version is being selected instead of the HDR version.

One thing you can try is long-pressing on the Play button in Infuse. If multiple versions are available, Infuse will present you with a popup with a list of versions to choose from.