Issue with over-riding artwork

After following the guidelines on naming to over-ride artwork for movies and tv shows, its not working for me. For a movie example, I have named the poster file as “folder.jpg”, “Superman II (1981).jpg”, “Superman II-1981.jpg”, etc and still the image saved in the parent folder does not show in Infuse. At a loss for what is going on. Any ideas?

Can you copy and paste the file name for the movie?

And a screen cap of the file and folder structure for that movie?

It looks like your movie has the edition tag added to the filename. Try adding that to the picture file names.

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You’ll need to use the exact entire file name of the movie with the .jpg including the edition info.

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Nope…still no go.

Now here is another interesting thing I’m seeing with another movie. This one, the fanart and logo appear correctly, but the poster doesnt show the one in the folder

On the first one, try changing the folder name as well

You talking the Superman II one? So change the folder name exactly like the MKV file name?

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I just re-added the artwork files to The Core movie and named them per the override info. This time, everything showed up correctly in Infuse. Going to try the same with the Superman II movie now.

Question regarding different versions. Since there are 2 versions of the Superman II movie, can the versions be within the same parent folder? Or does Infuse prefer them to be in 2 totally separate folders? Just wondering if that will continue to cause an issue with overriding artwork to show correctly.

You do not have to have them in separate folders. You can have them all in the same folder. If you have multiple movies in a folder, it will just go off the movie name and ignore the folder name.

Finally able to get it to work correctly. Guess Infuse is extremely picky on how the files are named!

On another note…since I’m guessing both of you are using Infuse directly and not connecting to a server, how are you dealing with extras since Infuse currently doesn’t support them? Wondering if there is workaround until it is, so they just don’t show up randomly in the Infuse Library.

I think you can put them in a folder next to the movie called “Extras” and infuse will ignore them.

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Just to be clear for any folks visiting later, for movie posters, in the case above, you want to name the posters exactly as this user named the fanart and logo images (just substituting the word “poster” for “fanart” or “logo”).


The Core (2003)-poster.jpg

@FLskydiver @munpip214 @NC_Bullseye
For the most part, I’ve FINALLY got the overriding artwork working with Movies. Now…TV Shows is driving me insane. Is ANYONE getting it to work consistently with their TV Shows? If so, can you please share a screenshot of your file structure and artwork name/labels? I’m following the guide and it works for some and not others!! THANKS!!

One series per folder; with episode video and episode metadata files in “Season #” subfolders:

Movies and TV            (share)
    The Last of Us (2023)
      folder.jpg           (series poster)
      fanart.jpg           (series fanart)
      Season 1
        folder.jpg            (season poster)
        The Last of Us (2023) - S01E01.mkv
        The Last of Us (2023) - S01E01-thumb.jpg
        The Last of Us (2023) - S01E01.nfo


        The Last of Us (2023) - S01E09.mkv
        The Last of Us (2023) - S01E09-thumb.jpg
        The Last of Us (2023) - S01E09.nfo
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Thanks for the info. I relabeled 1 show to reflect what you provided and the artwork that I have in the folder is correctly showing up. BUT with no metadata info at all. Any idea why? Here is a screenshot

UPDATE: I removed the episode NFO files and the episode metadata appears (not sure why), but I’m still not seeing actors show up at the bottom.

FYI: Superman 2 is one of only a very few films where a “director’s cut” release is considered enough of a departure from the theatrical release by TMDB that they have granted it full independence and equality in their index. Superman II and Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut can both exist in the same library without any versioning shenanigans.


Do you have metadata fetching enabled?
Does the library settings page indicate metadata update has completed?

Yes, metadata fetching is enabled and update shows completed. Just no actor info at the bottom at all