Issue with non hdr 1080p video

Hi! I just heard about this app and was excited to try
Have ATV 4K 1st gen
MacBook Pro connected with wifi
LG C1 65”

Speed test was peaking 80Mbps using the speed test (majority was around 70)

ATV is set on the Dolby setting for video
When I play the video the colors are off and I see pixelations when there’s black pictures on screen

Is there a setting I need to adjust is infuse can switch between display video settings
SDR HDR Dolby?
Cuz I think the optimal is SDR 4K? Or SDR 1080?

Before that I either played a USB flash on TV or plug-in HDMI cable to laptop


What’s the proper way to setup everything so it’s working properly in the optimal way?


Welcome to the forum!

One of the more standard setting groups is on the ATV, you want Video Format set to either 1080p SDR or 2160SDR.

Under Match Content you’ll want Match Dynamic Range and Match Frame Rate on to start with.

Remember, these are just a starting point and you can adjust them to suit your taste in formats.

What protocol are you using to connect to your MacBook Pro? SMB, FTP, DLNA, UPnP etc?

WiFi or Ethernet? If WiFi, what band 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?


But the thing is I still want to enjoy Dolby/HDR when I use Netflix so by choosing SDR won’t this make it worse quality ?
Also I noticed slight lag/delay with audio video sync
The testing sped is it good enough ? Or is it too low ?
Using SMB from my MacBook Pro I sit in front of TV and router
It’s like 8-10 feet from the couch

That’s why you select “Match Dynamic Range” to on. That will switch to HDR when needed and when you are looking as SDR video it will go back to SDR.

You still haven’t said what protocol you’re using, the speed you said seems low but without knowing what protocol it’s difficult to say what to do to improve it.

I did^
I’m using my personal MacBook Pro 13” 2017
And I’m sharing my downloads folder

Also SDR makes the UI so much darker :confused:

Speed test to file

Speed test on MacBook

True but I think other OLED owners prefer that to save life of the screen. But if you don’t care as much you can set to HDR or Dolby vision. Also sometimes when specific windows show up in HDR or dv it can be too bright all of a sudden.

Based on your Speedtest you probably have some issues with the WiFi. If possible use Ethernet for best performance. Most likely higher bitrate items will buffer.

Hooked up USB drive to the router and set it to FTP for fusion
Getting 181Mbps

But for non hdr content the best option should be SDR 1089 or SDR 4k?

I’m surprised that wofo is so bad and speed test is so high how does that makes sense ?

Still lag/latency in audio/video though :confused:

I just hooked Apple TV to router with Ethernet cable getting 650-700Mbps with speed test to the router usb 3 flash driv e
Still feel some kind of audio video sync lag

What speed do I need to ensure smooth streaming ?
Also is there a way to know what’s the required Mbps I need for specific video file ?

You may want to try changing the SMB settings in the share from “Auto” to either SMB2 or Legacy.

Keep in mind the speedtest app tests your internet speed where the Infuse speed test simulates the needed process for streaming video. so the numbers will be lower in Infuse.

One big issue I see in your graph you posted is the wild rapid swings in speed so something is up there with your local net settings.

You can review the users guide for some trouble shooting and other info.

I would have 75 mbps for Blu-ray HD and 150 for 4K UHD

Ok I will try to copy from MacBook to network drive (usb flash drive attached to router) and the play from there as I’m getting 600-700Mbps this way with fusion

Also which protocol is the best to use on a router usb flash drive ? There are many? One in particular you recommend ? Or test one by one? Or just stick to one I’m using ftp as it’s fast as hell

Also using a flash drive like that (router) and getting those speeds 600-700
Is that faster/equivalent to performance/quality I’ll get plugging the flash drive to tv and playing directly ?

It’s usually best to keep the Match Content options enabled as this will allow Infuse to switch the video output to match the content being played. With these enabled, the default video output can be set to whatever you want (including Dolby Vision, if you prefer that).

There is also a bug which can appear in some cases if you are playing SDR content and have the Apple TV manually set to something else (with dynamic range matching disabled). This is currently under investigation, and you can follow the thread below for updates.

I have done everything as recommended by you guys, enables all options
Using router plugged USB 3 flash drive FTP protocol
Apple TV connected with Ethernet cable
Speed test shows up to 800Mbps stable chart over FTP

I still feel like there’s a lag/latency with audio and video
Basically when people speak and you look at their lips using infuse

Can you advise on that ?

Did you get your original problem worked out with the colors?

If you’re getting 800Mbps without the frequent dips then you’re good to go for about all formats.

If you have a sync issue between audio and video on your Apple TV you may want to follow this thread.

It sucks to be honest, all that hype and excitement

I really hope this is gonna get fixed cuz I just can’t use it honestly it’s so annoying the delay :confused:

Gonna fall back to hdmi cable or just plug usb in tv

How many files are in your shared folder/drive? If it’s the first time that Infuse is indexing that drive, could it be doing work in the background that is stealing bandwidth & reading from different parts of the drive? If this is plausible, I would just be patient, leave it open and connected for a while the first time before attempting playback.

I had similar issues on the Apple TV (non 4K AND 4K) a few years ago, with a hard-wired Ethernet connection to a Mac Mini. Then one day it just worked perfectly (on the non-4K, I had already returned the 4K because of the playback issues). No idea what the underlying cause (or the fix) was.