Issue with meta-data of a couple of series ?!

Hey : )

So, I recently switched from Plex to Infuse and so far I am totally enthusiastic and satisfied. But with a couple of series I have the problem that the covers don’t display correctly no matter what I try. The strange thing is, even if the series itself doesn’t show a cover, the seasons in it show a correct cover. Just not the “main folder” of the series. Unfortunately, you can’t edit the metadata from it, or have I overlooked something?

I could certainly copy all episodes (no matter which season) into the main folder of the series, but I would like to keep my folder structure as usual.

Does anyone have any idea or advice on what to do?

Here 2 screens of my problem:

This structure and naming style will get you what you want for Mayans MC
Mayans MC File Structure

It appears that the file names are what is causing problems.
Mayans MC S01E01 will work far better.

You can have other info in the file name as long as it comes after the “Mayans MC S01E01”
Example: “Mayans MC S01E01 720p 5.1 MyRip.mkv”

What is the other series?

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Thank you! Now it works : ) I’m stupid, lol…

Not stupid when trying new things. Did you get both series taken care of?

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