Issue with MEGA since morning of 12/24/21

I recently decided to move my large collection of video files from my local in-home server to MEGA so I can access it when away from home as well thanks to Infuse’s support for MEGA. All went well until this very morning. The Infuse app on my AppleTV kept crashing just a couple seconds after opening it. No crash code or anything. The AppleTV just went back to its Home Screen seconds after running the app.

Turns out it has to do with MEGA. As soon as I remove the MEGA service from the Infuse app on my iPhone or iPad (which then syncs across my other devices) the Infuse app on the AppleTV is fine and does not crash. When I add MEGA service again through the Infuse app on my iPhone for example, the Infuse app on my iPad syncs without a problem via iCloud and adds MEGA too without crashing. Yet, the Infuse on the AppleTV crashes again.

Any idea what’s going on?

One thing that may help is as soon as you launch Infuse on the ATV after it’s crashed and then you’ve removed mega via the iphone is to go straight to the settings on the ATV and send diagnostics and then post the 5 digit code here.

Did you restart the ATV after the crash? Did you just update the tvOS? What version are you running?

Miraculously, about 24 hours later Infuse started up again with no issues.
When the problem with Infuse first happened, I noticed there was a tvOS update available. After updating the issue with infuse persisted. 24 hours after I posted here, I received the tvOS update’s “what’s new” screen when I started the AppleTV. From that moment on Infuse has been fine again. It must have had something to do with the tvOS update…

I did look up the error code: V90ED. Does that explain anything?

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