Issue with library update for tv series last episode

Dear community,

I noticed this behaviour since the start of my infuse adoption a few months ago, and after a few tries I am coming to you to see what did I miss.
My set up is an Apple TV 4K, and a nas (same behaviour with nfs or smb share).
I have a tv series that receives a new episode in its season folder.
I can access it via the files from infuse, but not via the library (even after more than a day that had multiple library refresh).
If I play the episode from the files section, then the episode is added to the tv series library.

Do you have an idea on how to fix this behaviour? I tried to change the share protocol, to reset infuse on the atv.

Because of this, the recently added tv shows category is useless, as it will only show new episodes after I watched them.

Background updating is borked. I generally will navigate to the parent folder of the folders where I’ve added content on first opening up Infuse to get Infuse to index the new content.

You can also manually run a “scan for changes” but the former is generally quicker for me; as “scan for changes” doesn’t seem to run at as high a priority as navigating (and navigating limits the scanning to just the folders you’re viewing, as opposed to every folder indexed in your library).

Thanks, I will try this next time (go to the parent folder without going to the new file) and check if this trigger the update as expected

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You can also as soon as you launch Infuse, go to the Settings > Library screen where it shows the total movies and tv episodes and watch the messages there and it should say something like fetching up next list, then fetching content for your NAS and then possibly a few others then the last will be syncing with iCloud. Once this is done and you see the last updated message your additions should be showing in the library and in the favorites.

The solution of going to the folder to trigger a local refresh did not seem to work for me (maybe I was too quick switching from Files to Library view). in any case, if I need to go manually to the folder, I can simply click on the file to launch it.
It seems that all workarounds for this behaviour involve more clicking that what I am currently doing, so I will continue like that.
The downside is that I still need to rely on mail notification for new arrivals, instead of having this info on the main screen of Infuse (last TV episodes available).
Maybe there is a feature request that would fix it in the future.

I’m folders view, when you open up the folder for a new tv series that hasn’t been added to the library yet, you should see Infuse start processing that folder immediately.

The autogenerated thumbnails will, one by one, be updated with the artwork on my NAS (or pulled from TMDB) as each episode is sequentially identified and absorbed into the library (where in Folders view you see the unscraped videos disappearing into their season subfolders).

No, this doesn’t happen immediately. But Infuse does (in my experience, and for logical reasons) prioritize import of the titles you’re looking at right now. If you back out too quickly, Infuse may just go back to scanning for changes across your entire library instead of focusing on the few folders you know were updated — because Infuse doesn’t know which folders were updated until it looks.

It will get there, eventually … but I just prefer to point Infuse where to look, and spend the minute or two it takes for Infuse to complete the import.

Last point: If you just click the file to play, Infuse might stop indexing altogether.

I don’t think Infuse imports while playback is occurring — I suppose they suspend that activity so as not take away system resources possibly needed in decoding highly compressed content, and so as to not be hitting your harddrives and/or network hard while playback requires both of those devices / services to stream. Does that sound about right, @james ?

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