Issue with latest Infuse version (lag & micro freeze)

Hi all,

I am a little bit disappointing regarding the latest version of Infuse.

It creates some micro freezing, lag on all my movies since infuse Pro has been updated.
I have Nas synology - Apple TV 4K combo for 3 month and noticed any issues before.
All the movies (1080p / 4K / HDR) were played smoothly until then.

Apparently i’m not the only one to have that issue due to the discussion i had on a forum.

It comes from infuse as i can play the files smoothly with another player.

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Is this happening with all your videos, or just a few? We have a handful of improvements for 4K/HDR playback (related to audio sync issues that can appear under certain conditions) coming in 5.7 which isn’t too far off, but we had any reports of issues with non-4K/HDR content.

Can you send in a report from your Apple TV the next time you see this?

Me too, with certain file I have same problem

Can you check and confirm the Match Content options are enabled on your Apple TV as described here?

Activating the Match Content feature, the lag seems completely gone.
But now every time I start playback, the TV will exit HDR mode and lose image quality.
I have a philpos 55pos9002 and I had never noticed any problems before the last update of Infuse.

With these options enabled, the Apple TV will switch to the mode that matches the content being played.

We recommend keeping both options enabled, but to avoid the micro lags specifically, you will want to ensure the ‘Match Frame Rate’ option is enabled.

The ‘Match Dynamic Range’ option will not have any impact on these micro lags, and it can be disabled if you prefer.

Thanks for all, one of the best app for Apple TV!
Solved this problem would become the best:

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