Issue with last 5.6.9, streaming start from network is very long!

Everything was fine before I install the last infuse version 5.6.9.
Before, when I played movies/series 1080p or 4K from my NAS ( ethernet network) or navigation between each folder, all was faster.
With the last 5.6.9 version, it takes between 30s to 1mn to show each folder, and when I launch a serie, it start after 15 to 30sec, at the end when I want to start the next, I have buffering without end, I have to go back to the main menu, select again the way to the right folder (15sec each) and then I can see the next episode :frowning:
I don’t know why now it’s so slow !!!
any idea ?

PS: everything was fine with the old version :wink:
I have the last Beta IOS firmware.

Sorry for the trouble.

We are working on an update that resolves a few reported issues with SMB, and plan to have this available very soon.

OK thanks :wink:

We’ve just released 5.6.10 with a number of fixes for SMB, and a bit more info on this update can be found here.

Good idea for the different choice :wink:
I will install the new version ASAP :slight_smile:

Installed and tested :slight_smile:
Go back to smb2 for all my network in infuse and now everything is fine and fast, congratulation for your work :wink:
Thanks a lot…

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