Issue with Infuse of Apple TV with Plex

I have Plex on a NAS Synology and an Apple TV to watch on TV. All has been working perfectly for years whether it be locally or remotely.
I recently installed Infuse on the Apple TV to improve 4K viewing from the NAS. It works but somewhat kills Plex local viewing. Basically, I still wish to watch some non-4K content using Plex and it does not work locally : all content goes through the internet (transcoded) and can only be watched remotely while all should be local without any transcoding (no need, I checked). As my internet is rather slow, I am having issues.
Removing Infuse from the Apple TV immediately fix the issue and NAS content is back to local viewing. The issue is thus Infuse.
Of note, on a Macbook Pro, no issue at all with infuse so the problem is Infuse on Apple TV.

What I tried with no luck :

  • disable relay in Plex
  • Specified Lan Network / Mask in Plex
  • Unticked “treat WAN IP As LAN Bandwidth” in Plex.

Any help would be appreciated: I already asked help using the ticket system but was told to “disable relay in plex” which I had already did and mentioned in the ticket …