Issue with chose episode on tvOS 16 beta

Hi, I have issues with infuse when i open tv series with any season i can’t scroll down I can’t choose any episodes there ??

What version number of Infuse and on what device?

Apple tv os16 the last version of infuse

Have you tried it with the release version of tvOS?

Also, the version number for Infuse would help since updates come fairly often and not everyone grabs them as soon as they beccome available.

I think maybe the version of apple tv

Do you mean that you think it’s the beta tvOS?


Just a heads up that I see the same thing and I’m not on the tvOS beta.
Edit. I am actually on tvOS beta 16 it seems

Also it only happens for me when using voice or typing search.
Accessing through library or favourites is fine.

Do you select what you watch via voice search?

Yes i do

And without using search and just browsing to a show, does everything work then?

Yes it works without searching

Pretty sure it’s down to something changing in tvOS 16.
I know it’s not an issue in tvOS 15.
Sadly as we have both found it’s one of the downfalls of using beta OS versions.

I agree so how can I downgrade to tvos15 or i can’t

Not immediately.
However I believe that if you turn off beta updates on your Apple TV settings, then it’s a casing of waiting for the next tvOS 15 update.

At that point it should downgrade back to the latest version of 15.

Can you tell me when the new Tvos15 update come??

Sadly not.
I’m not even sure how frequently they have been in the past.
I guess we will both just have to wait.

TvOS 15.6 was the last update. There hasn’t been a 15.7 beta so I doubt there’ll be future tvos 15 updates. You’re stuck on the beta. If your tvos device is covered under applecare you might be able to make an appointment with apple and have them exchange the device for one running tvos 15.

Well on the plus side I assume if there hasn’t been a recent 15 release it means 16 is getting close to release?
In which hopefully this issue will be addressed anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

And fixed in the latest beta.
Thanks @james