Issue with bluray base language selection

There is an issue where infuse chooses the incorrect language files on a bluray. For example the movie Solo a Star Wars Story. When playing that the intro text played is the thai version. When I play the same movie folder with my oppo it plays in english. I have had this with a couple of discs and always thought I downloaded a foreign version. But now I see that is not the case. Hope this can be fixed.

Personally I use mkv toolnix, if you’re playing mkvs, and delete the subs and audio i don’t need therefore I never have this problem, and you save space.

Yeah, that’s not an option. These aren’t external subtitles. Plus that is way too much work.

Anything the devs can do about this? This has also been mentioned in a post on the normal tvos forum.

This has nothing to do with subs at all. It’s just about the playlist. James has said that they are using a custom algo in order to determine the right playlist. It just needs to be updated for this.
I’m not sure, but if I remember correctly, Disney always uses playlist 800 for the correct English playlist.
I can help to figure it out, if needed. Just PM me James.

These kinds of discs show the limitations of the simple menu used by infuse. You don’t have this problem with a full BD menu implementation.