Issue with AirPlay from iPad to Apple TV + HomePod since AirPlay 2

Hi, I’m using Infuse to my Apple TV, love it.

Before iOS 11.4 and AirPlay 2, i used to stream videos from my iPad with Infuse to my Apple TV, then on the TV I ask to play the sound to the HomePod. No trouble, it was super smooth and brilliant.

Since the update. Now when I want to AirPlay stuff, it works but when I ask the Apple TV to send the sound to the HomePod, it stops showing the video on my TV and simply plays the sound on both TV and HomePod.

I really don’t know how to work this out and was wondering if you guys were aware of anything?

I don’t use a computer, I just have my iPad. It was working really well until then.


We’re looking into a few similar issues with the HomePod, and hope to have more news soon.

Are you using a single HomePod, or a stereo pair?


I am using just one HomePod.
What’s weird is that the iPad is displaying that it is Airplaying to the Apple TV and HomePod. But nothing apart from the audio…

I am also having an issue with AppleTV, Infuse and HomePod but mine is a bit different.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Connect Homepod to AppleTV via Airplay
  • In audio settings choose AppleTV → (Whatever your HomePod is called) and uncheck AppleTV so sound is ONLY going to HomePod
  • open Infuse
  • play any video

Sound is NOT coming out of the HomePod, only the built-in TV speakers
This is a bug because if I open YouTube for example, it plays out of the HomePod

Expected behavior:
Play sound from HomePod

I bought your $15 app specifically for this use case and it worked until iOS 11.4

My specs:
AppleTV 4th gen (non 4k) on tvOS 11.4
HomePod on 11.4
Infuse Pro 5.7.4

Quick update.

We believe we’ve tracked down and resolved what was causing this issue, and plan to have these changes available in the upcoming 5.7.5 update.

If anyone is interested in testing this early, please let me know and I will get you added to TestFlight.


I still have the same issue even on 5.7.6. I have recorded a video to show you the exact behaviour but cannot upload it. Instead I took photos. One when I’m about to select the HomePod from my Apple TV playing the video, and one a second later when it selected it. Stopping the video streaming to appleTV.

Although, I’d be happy to be added to your testflight if you’re still working on it. Could give you feedback on it.

Hello? Anybody there?

A few changes in this area were released as part of the 5.7.5 update, and we have a few more things in progress for the upcoming 5.8.1 version.

This bug still exists in 5.8.1 but in a different way now. With the same steps to reproduce as previously mentioned, now when you press Vol up or down on the AppleTV remote, you get the HomePod Vol UI but the volume does absolutely nothing. It is still playing through the TV volume. I can turn the AppleTV/HomePod volume all the way down to 0 or up to full and the sound will be unchanged.
I have to change the volume on my regular TV remote.

I’d like to update my previous post and say with iOS 12 out today, the HomePod seems to be playing properly now with videos from the app. AppleTV & HomePod both updated. I’ll update again if this changes.

Updating my comment with more info, sadly this bug still exists.
While it did work properly for a bit, it’s intermittent. The HomePod volume UI activates but does not actually change the volume as I can turn it all the way down or up and the volume is the same, it’s still coming out of the TV.

We’ve addressed a few potential issues in the recent 5.8.4 and 5.8.5 updates. If you’re still seeing issues, can you try updating to 5.8.5 which was just released today to see if this helps?

Another update to this bug. It only works properly upon first load. Meaning on a fresh restart it works as it should, volume control is out of the HomePod, but after any sleep, it breaks. I have to restart the AppleTV for it to work properly again. This is a bug with your app as YouTube and Netflx do not exhibit this behaviour. If this continues I am going to have to request a refund.

Is this using the new 5.8.5 update as James asked?

I am now experiencing issues with my HomePod too after the 5.8.5 update. I was mostly fine with the previous version. Audio now randomly cuts out and I can’t resume playing after pause with an “error loading content” message. The HomePod seems to be disconnected afterwards. Reconnecting gives me sound for a second, then the audio cuts out again. Rinse and repeat. I have to restart the ATV to fix it for a few minutes.

It works just fine with my Beats Studio 3, so it seems it is an issue specific to either HomePod or the protocol I guess.

It’s just happening with Infuse, YouTube and Prime work fine. Is there any way to roll back and wait for a future update?

I’ve sent an email, just posting here to let others know.

I created an account just to say, me too

Apple TV running tvOS12 airplaying audio to a single home pod. Audio is really really quiet and I need to use the Volume Boost to 400% to get anything close to regular sound.

Volume stays static and does not increase / decrease using the Siri remote. It’s like the volume is hard coded.

I don’t have this problem in an other App (Netflix, YouTube, Prime, NowTV, BBC iPlayer etc). I’m running v5.8.6

Happy to troubleshoot or test any pre-release code.

I think the low volume part is indicative of that it doesn’t use the HomePod despite saying so. I haven’t verified but going by the flat sound signature, I reckon it’s my TV speakers. Unpairing the HomePod in the output menu of the Apple TV and repairing it solves that (temporarily).

I’m also open to beta testing anything.

Hi, how can I select my homepod in infuse app for apple tv?

In netflix I slide from the top and I see airplay devices. But in infuse there is no option.

How can I do it? Regards.

Press and hold the Play button on the Home Screen and select HomePod.

This will Airplay all sound from the ATV to the HomePod.

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