Issue with adding One Drive cloud share to Apple TV

Hi everybody,

I have tried to implement the connection to my One Drive in Infuse. As far as I understood, I needed to add this on Infuse on my iPhone and it would then be synced to my iPad and Apple TV. After configuring the connection on my iPhone, I was able to see the new One Drive share in Infuse but it did not sync to my iPad and Apple TV. I then configured the connection on my iPad as well so that it would hopefully the sync to the Apple TV but that also did not work.

I am using the latest version of Infuse Pro on all devices, tried to reboot the devices several times, triggered the iCloud Sync option various times but nothing made the One Drive connection to appear on my Apple TV.

Have I misunderstood the concept or is something broken?

ATV HD, IOS 15.3, Infuse Pro 7.3.4
iPad: IOS 15.4, Infuse Pro 7.3.4
iPhone IOS 15.4, Infuse Pro 7.3.4

You may want to review the iCloud sync users guide to make sure you’ve got all the settings correct.

Hi Bullseye,

I did setup the iCould sync correctly according to the guide but apparently it did not work. I have disabled iCould syncing on all iOS devices and deleted the iCloud storage bit called “Infuse Pro 6”. After that I started to sync the first device, enabled iCloud syncing again and from there I performed the same steps for all iOS devices, ending with the ATV last. That seem to have done the trick by the looks of it. I’ll keep on monitoring for the coming period but it looks pretty good.

Thanks for your help! :+1:

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