Issue when remote playing via PLEX

We Know from the user guide offered by infuse, in the article “Streaming from Plex” says as the when we encounter the remote play problem.
However, the problem doesn’t not resolved if we set the “Internet Upload Speed” to 30Mbps, and you can read from that their bitrates are both below 20Mbps, which is way below 30Mbps. The thing is these videos(i test them respectively) all need I change the “Internet Upload Speed” in plex to 70Mbps or more, or either of them will fail to load on infuse.
The reason why I believe it’s infuse’s issue is it works pretty fine on plex apps.
I wonder if there’s any solutions.





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Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

So, just to confirm, these videos play correctly when disabling the limit and increasing the upload speed in Plex?

One difference between Infuse and Plex is Infuse will Direct Play everything. In some cases, Plex may be transcoding these videos to a lower quality before streaming them to your device.

Yes, like you said these videos play correctly when disabling the limit and increasing the upload speed in Plex.
FYI, I can use Plex Media Player to remote play directly(without transcoding) with the original quality when the upload speed setting is enabled.

I am having the same issue. Was actually just creating a thread for this and realized it was the same problem. I keep my remote upload at 30mpbs and limiting the stream bitrate as well. When I have these settings videos will not play. Like the user above I changed the upload to 70mbps (Although my Cox plan is only 30) and the bitrate to original and both movies I was testing worked with no problem.

My issue is, I have a number of friends and family using my Plex Server, and I need to leave the limitation on my upload speed again as it is capped by Cox at 30mpbs and I need to be able to support multiple streams. I would also like to know if there are any work arounds or solutions for this.

Thanks for the info.

We’re looking into this to see if it’s something we can address on the Infuse side, or if it’s a bug that we can report to Plex.

found some references from other websites.

Same here

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