Issue when mixing english metadata with french metadata

Hi everyone,

Don’t know if it’s a known issue or if i’m not using metadata search properly, but i’ve the following issue :

A big part of my library is using FR metadata, but for some specific shows (mainly japanese animation) i’m switching to English (in the metadata settings) before searching and updating them.

After that eveything is fine and properly ordered (my FR shows are displayed in FR and the other ones in ENG).
But after a certain period (maybe when Infuse is losing its cache or whatever), all my library is reinitiliazed in FR (including my EN shows).

So bug or not according to you ?

I’m using the latest version (5.x) on AppleTV using UpNp access mode.


This is likely related to UPnP/DLNA as often times these devices will reindex your content and present a new list of files to Infuse, and as a result Infuse will redownload details about these files based on your current language settings.

You should be able to avoid this by connecting to your device via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV.

Thanks. Hopefully i’ve just find a way to configure my media server with FTP.
I have rebuilt my full collection this way (which is also fixing my other issue with covert arts), so we’ll see if i’m still losing my UK metadata in a while.
I’m also discovering the new favorite folder “library”, it’s cool :wink: