Issue when connecting to 2 NAS

2 Synology, NFS share.

If I have both NAS up and running, Infuse has no problem when browsing and playing video. if I turn off any of them, it becomes extremely slow when browsing or playing video from the other running NAS.

I have 2 Synology NAS boxes running 24/7 and the same problem when I replaced one of the NAS boxes with a new one and just turned of the old one (I had had it about 10 years).

What I had to do do is make Infuse forget the old one.

You can do the same and just turn off the one you don’t want to use, then make Infuse forget it, but then you will have to go through the setup for that one every time you want to use it again.

So it is indeed a problem…

One NAS may be offline temporarily for some time under certain condition, I don’t want to re-setup it when it is online… for now I will try to get some space from the 24/7 NAS and move all movies from the NAS that may go offline to the 24/7 one, and then forget it… I hope Infuse will provide a solution for this situation.