Issue: TV shows sorting in Lists / Favorites

Hello Staff!

I have a little problem with my TV Shows sorting. My Infuse (6.6.5) only have 2 Lists:
Unwatched Movies
Unwarched TV Shows

To have the “last added” in first position of each, I set the “Sort” option ( Settings ) on “Date”.

The thing is, when I add an entire show with multiple seasons, everything is messed up:

Here the show Castlevania have 4 seasons, you can see that going left to right, the order is S4, S2, S1, Black Mirror S3 (wtf?) , BM S5, then S3.

If I go in the Favorite of TV Show Castlevania, here is the order ( 4, 2, 1, 3 ):

Is there a way to fix this somehow?

Also bonus question: Is there a way to put only the Show folder ( Castlevania ) in the List section, instead of all the seasons? ( like a shortcut to the Fav )

Thank you

Since you are sorting by date, Infuse will look at the newest episode in each season.

So, maybe season 4 had an epsidie which was added today. Season 2 has one added yesterday, and Season 1 added 2 days ago. This would explain what you are seeing here.

If you sort by title, the seasons will appear correctly when viewing the Castlevania series item via All TV Shows. The most recently added items would still be available when viewing Recently Added TV Shows.

Thank you James.

Actually, the S03 of the show does not even appear in the “Recently added” list. Note that I get all 4 seasons at the same time on my computer and put them on my Nas.

This one already have a topic here ( Damn I was angry in there hehehehe ) :

Any thoughts about my bonus question?


Infuse will look at the actual file dates, so depending on what these are it will affect what appears in Recently Added.

We’re working to improve the number of items in Recently Added, and this will be available in a future update for v7. There is a thread for this here.

It won’t be possible to create a list for a specific series. However, you can create a list for a Genre, which may work here…depending on how many other series in this genre you have.

Also, in Infuse 7 you can pin playlists to the home screen, which could be another option.

Thank you. I wasn’t talking about creating a list for a serie, maybe I explained this badly.

I was saying that if there was a way ( or will be?) to, inside a list ( like recently added, or whatever ), put only 1 element for an entire serie, instead of S01, S02, S03, etc…


List- Unwatched Shows
Castlevania ( with ‘unwatched’ icon )

clic > display now Seasons

For the ‘recently added’ filter, I updated the related post because I still think this is a missing feature. And a big one.


Yes, you can keep an eye on this thread.

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Ok thank you!

I don’t understand why you locked the 2nd topic about ‘recently added’, and pined a different one.

Aren’t those two very different suggestions?

One is about how infuse use data to sort, and the other ( the one you quoted ) only about the maximum items it can shows.

Edit: OK I get it, actually the first post was about the number, but the replies were about the sorting data. Should I create a suggestion topic for this? Or maybe you can cut the original in two. Let me know

I’m not sure I understand.

The currently Recently Added section will show the newest items first, regardless of the ‘Sort By’ option selected in Settings.

The change we have planned will allow this section to show much more content, so it should be more useful for things like TV shows.

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