Issue resolved - end thread

I’ve resolved the issue - not quite sure how though…

1). This is a bit worrying. Being unable to do a restore of standard firmware suggests that there might be an issue with the micro-USB cable. What is the error number that is reported?

2). Although many have reported having to plug in the power cable to get into DFU mode, normally one then needs to remove it to get the iTunes restore to work OK. What was the error number reported when it failed?

  1. indicates that you did not successfully JB, so I expect that the error message in 2) mattered.

I’ve tried two cables; a Belkin and a Nokia one (that came with a mobile phone).

How do I find the error number? It does not come up in the error message and there seems to be no obvious way to get it.

I am afraid that if you are not getting an error number then I do not know what to suggest.    Perhaps try using a different computer, or even a different USB port on the same computer.

Until you can get the standard firmware to install, I do not see much point in trying to apply the Jailbreak as if isntalling the standard Apple firmware fails there must then be some fundamental problem with your environment.