Issue reproducing 4k movies from iPhone

I have a Plex Server Version running on my iMac Late 2013 with 16GB of RAM and I am trying to reproduce a 4K movie using my iPhone with iOs 13.x (latest version) and through AirPlay 2 supported by my TV 55" Class TU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV (2020) (

The audio is playing well but the video is not showing. If I try any other movie that is not 4K it does work fine. I have attached a file showing the info for the file I am trying to reproduce but the issue is happening with any 4k movie. Can I get some help?

I don’t think airplay support x265 movies. Additionally airplay in TVs is gimped compared to the Apple TV so there are other things that may not be supported as well such as subtitles.

That’s is not entirely true. I agree with you on the AirPlay on TV might differ A LOT from the one on Apple TV but X265 are supported on TV and subtitles are as well. See the attached file info, that’s an X265 (if I am not wrong) movie and I can reproduce it trough Infuse from my iPhone and using the AirPlay on the TV without any issues. Maybe I am missing some kind of configuration who knows

I know there are restrictions on what can be cast. The 4K is main L5.1 and the second is main L4. Additionally the 4K is HDR. I’ve read airplay is limited to 1080p SDR.