Issue driving me bonkers with ATV2

ok i have jailbroken plenty of ATV2 units before so i’m not a complete plonk.


I have an ATV2  here and jailbroke it today only realising later it was 5.2 software, so i download IPSW 5.0.2 and restore it back to this.  Then i try to jailbreak it again and i get no luck

Version 0.8.6 (565) Season Pass.

Yes 5.2 can be done with season pass, but XBMC cant be added.  XBMC is my main objective in the long run.

So if restore it to 5.0.2 should i be able to go all guns normal from there and get to my objective result?

5.0.2 is going fuckin’ nowhere for me on this puppy.  time to try 5.1.1

as above fixed it… restore to IPSW 5.1.1 and ran season pass from there, still didn’t run smooth, but as usual the open iTunes. Hold down Option Click and select the file to restore to.  It works because Season Pass doesn’t always run smoothly.

Hey maybe it worked because i was about to give up and download Greenpois0n .  Ha!