ISO - Video_TS no longer work with V1.3. Black Screen

I can no longer read ISO, Video_TS from the 1.3 update. How to get back on version 1.2


I have the same problem.

After upgrade to ver. 1.3 it’s no longer possible to play .iso and .img in the Media Player.

AVI and video_ts don’t seems to be affected but there is a lot of buffering and looooong “loading” times before playing.

There was no problems with the same files at ver. 1.2 !!!

Setup: Fileshare = SMB, Video = PAL (720p)


Fault seeing: Starts with “Loading…” for a long time, then “buffering”, the “loading” and so on… some times there comes some static digital noice as short bursts (random).

When entering this loop,- the only way out is power off (pull the plug).


I have tried to remove the Media Player and installed it again - no change.


Solution ???

How to revert to ver. 1.2 ??? - very much needed as the atv2 is of no use as it is right now !!!



Can’t you just extract the files from the img or iso file?  Does content from a real VIDEO_TS folder play correctly?


I have the same problem and when I copy the VIDEO_TS folder to a separate directory the content plays correctly!

It would,- but as all my dvd’s are converted to ISO’s and placed on the storage server, I have no intention of extracting every ISO first, before we are able to watch the media.

That process will not have any WAF (wife_accept_factor) and to keep down my own time doing “household” on the server (cleaning), it’s a no go for me as well :)

For now, I have installed the XBMC and using the player in there. It’s working most of the time, but after they upgraded to 11.0.b2 it’s become slow and doing a lot of buffering during playback. And the interface to the program is not as easy to use as the one in the Media Player.

  • And no, there have been no change to the media storage server that slow it down. Just testet with my old WD TV Live box, and that still works.

So I really would like to have this bug fixed or a way to get back on version 1.2 where all these things was working without any problems.

Second that! :wink:

I saw that there is a thread about this at

James (moderator) has asked for info about IOS etc to collect data from those who are having this issue.
Maybe you should check in on that as well. I did…