ISO title metadata

Noob here… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m playing a BD ISO over Apple TV with Infuse. I understand that different videos from the disk are encoded as “titles” and selectable by the “Video” menu option from Infuse. I also understand that Infuse understands associated XML files that can alter the ISO’s metadata.

How can I alter the metadata such that “Title 43” is “John’s wedding Jul 1988”, “Title 45” is “John’s son’s christening”, etc?

Hunting and pecking through list is tiresome and some members of the family won’t bother…


You might considering ripping each individual title into a mkv as opposed to a single ISO. Infuse, I believe, assumes generally a single track will be played most of the time so only support for single title.

Thank you for your suggestion, but I have already considered this as a last resort. Generally, I throw the ISO onto the Apple TV very infrequently to show family members stuff then offload it so it doesn’t take up space on my NAS. (The original ISO is on an archive HDD put way somewhere…) Also, I don’t want to have to keep ripping the disk. Furthermore, I really didn’t want to delve into the realm of codecs, etc to figure out how to rip them. :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly do as you recommend as a last resort, but it just seems odd that the system allows metadata editing via XML for artwork, disk title, cast, notes, etc, but not individual titles. Either I must be missing something or management hasn’t prioritized the feature…

Thank you anyways! Stay safe!