Iso Subtitles - Flashing on and off, not readible

Loving Infuse, the reason for us finally buying an Apple TV and have been impressed so far!

The only thing I noticed lately, is that with our older files, which are mainly iso, all subtitles are not working. Our preferred language is chosen when the files start to play and can be changed if available, however, they can unfortunately not be read. They blink on and off, well actually, they are more off than on. So you start of thinking subs haven’t been selected, then all of a sudden they appear only to disappear immediately after.

Unusable feature on this point and hopefully this can be fixed?
Thanks a lot! ReX

ps: sorry if this bug was already posted, I used the search function but couldn’t find anything similar.

Hmm, is this happening with all your ISO files of this type, or just a few?

This sounds like something we may need to look into, so if you’re able to send in a sample file we can review it would be super-helpful.

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see a notification of your swift reaction. It doesn’t happen with all iso’s. I’ll try and upload a file next week! Thanks, Rex