ISO Playing

Can anyone help?

I have successfully installed the patchstick. I now want to be able to play ISO files from my Apple Time Capsule. The Apple TV can now see the time capsule, however I cannot work out how you then play the ISO files.

Grateful if anyone can help.

David Knight

You will need to enable AFP to stream from your Time Capsule. Unfortunately this can only be done if you have one of the original Apple TVs that originally came with the 1.0 software.

We have a guide here:

what if I dont have an original Apple TV 1.0 I bought mine only last month so guess its a fairly new one. How do I stream from the Time Capsule.

While aTV Flash claims it’s not possible for you to enable AFP, I was able to do it on my 2.0 ATV using this guide:

AppleTV 2.0 - Now working

Unlike the previous poster, I found I was able to get this working. Here is what I did (in simple steps, assuming everyone is a noob):

  1. From my Macbook running Leopard I copied “/System/Library/CoreServices/” using Cyberduck to /Users/frontrow
  1. From terminal,

sudo mv ~/ /System/Library/CoreServices/

  1. Then to run it,

sudo /usr/sbin/AppleFileServer

  1. From my MacBook, I connect to it by selecting Finder, Ctrl+K, and then “afp://AppleTV.local/frontrow”, where “AppleTV” is the name of my ATV.
  1. Username and password are, as always, “frontrow”

Update - I find this service is still running after reboots and so there is no need to restart it.
Retrieved from “

That will get the server going. From there you have to configure the ATV under the networks menu to have it link to your computer’s shared folders. That CAN be found on this site, in the knowledgebase post. I don’t have time to find it, but if you can’t find it or are still having trouble, reply or pm me.