ISO on apple tv

Hi everybody, look i have on my nas an ISO of a film 45 GB. The problem is that when i launched it on the apple tv, it take too long and freeze when playing.
Is it possible to connect a nas by USB to the apple tv 4 ?
Is it only me or do you have this problem too ?
Thanx for the answer

Is this happening with all ISO files or just a few?

A 45GB file will require a decent network connection in order to stream, so you may double-check your Wi-Fi signal levels or try using an Ethernet cable to see if that helps.

FWIW, in our experience using 802.11ac Wi-Fi large files like these will start playing in a matter of seconds, if not instantly.

I have only one iso file to test out. My nas and apple tv are connected to network with ethernet on a 100 Mb connection.

If possible, you may try connecting via Wi-Fi to see if that makes a difference.

The Apple TV maxes out at 100Mbs via Ethernet, but can attain speeds of 1Gbs when using Wi-Fi.

It’s better, thx james ^^

I’m having an issue as well when it comes to read ISO file ! The ISO file starts but then stops after 5 or six minutes its weird. I have tried both ways, wifi and Ethernet cable but it won’t change anything. And it does that with all of my ISO files !

Thank you for your help !

Can you send in a report from your device?