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First I would like to say that I have been using infuse pro for about 3 years and love it!! I recently acquired a 4K UHD disk and found that it was not playing in version 4. After some googling I saw that their was an infuse 5 pro. So I bought it and they play great!! Then I noticed that my original ISOs I keep in the same directory of my MKVs started to now show up. Quickly I saw that they can play!!! This is amazing because I have consumed 17.3TB of disk space keeping the RAW ISO and the MKV I make from them so I can watch on AppleTV. So then I thought I could start to possibly delete all my MKVs from all 243 movies I have because now it plays the ISO. I tested a few and they worked great, however, I tried to play an ISO that has Java BD Protection and found that the scenes are out of order and the copy protection comes on. Luckily I kept all the log files from AnyDVD when I ripped tham and it tells you which MPLS playlist is correct. So I attempted to watch John Wick (which its correct MPLS playlist is 202), so I click on the ISO and changed to title 202 but found it still has the incorrect scenes. So I’m guessing the titles that Infuse locates on the disk are not 1 for 1 correlating to the MPLS playlist. With all this being said how can I find out which playlist is 202? Once I can do this I can free up 8TB by deleting all my MVKs and only keep ISOs! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Infuse should actually work to auto-select the correct title when starting a video, though it sounds like this may not be happening for this particular video.

Is this affecting other videos as well, or just this one?


I have not tried another ISO that has java BD protection, I can try and report back. Is there a way to view the MPLS playlist numbers so I can select the correct one? if that is not an option today is there a feature request I can place for this? I appreciate that though the software may try and select the correct one if I does not I can simply look at my anyDVD logs to locate it if it displayed the MPLS lists. I would also feel way more comfortable deleting all my MKVs as I would have the choice to select the correct one if your database is incorrect for the particular version of movie.

Thanks again!

Hey James,

I never saw a response to this, any updates?

Would you be able to upload one of the problematic videos?