ISO file playback locks up AppleTV


I am running appletv v 3.2.1 and patchstick 3.5.1.

My Appletv is connected to an ethernet as are two 1TB Time Capsules each with a 1TB disk attached. the disks are NTFS formatted with lots of ISO images.
I have tested connecting to the disks from a Windows PC via SMB and this PC will happily play the ISO images so I know SMB is fine. I have installed Smart Installer/recovery.dmg.
My Appletv will mount and browse the disks and if I unpack an ISO image it plays the VOB files just fine from the network share.
However if I try and play the ISO image it just locks up and I have to physically power off the device to restart.

I purchased this software mainly for ISO image playback. Has anyone got this working?

Thanks for your help

Just a quick update,

I have made sure that DVD playback is MIXED, and I have checked the console for errors. Nothing displayed in here at all.
I have tried an ISO on a FAT32 formatted USB stick and this also will not play.
I have tried running the repermissioning fix and this makes no difference.


ISO images are not supported by the aTV Flash software.

VIDEO_TS (VOB) files are the optimal format for DVD file playback.

Thank you for your honest reply, my next question now is how do i reset the Apple TV back to default and remove aTV Flash, and does anyone know software that does support ISO images?


I take it that support was dropped from aTV Flash as I had bought the product on the below comment that ISO are supported and this is the first I have heard they are not?
If it doesn’t support this I will need to get this software off and get a refund.


Yes, the Apple TV 2.2+ updates have seemingly broken ISO support for the time being unfortunately.

I assume by selecting a single VOB it will play all of the film and support chapters?


Yes, optimal folder structure would be to have a single folder for each movie title. Inside each folder you would have the corresponding VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.

Selecting the movie’s folder would start the movie, and play it continuously. Just like a regular DVD with menus, special features and all.