ISO File Naming for Media Player Meta Data


I have used media player on my aTV Black and like how it gets the meta data for TV Shows and Movies. I understand the naming pattern for TV shows with the episode and season codes. Now I am wondering how to do the same for DVD’s converted to ISO files. Is there a special way to name these ISO files? Does media player use the DVD title string from the ISO?



Currently we look at the ISO filename for fetching metadata. As long as the name is somewhat recognizable Media Player should have no trouble pulling down the correct metadata.

Below are a few examples that should work just fine.

  • Meet The Parents.iso
  • Meet-The-Parents.iso
  • Meet.The.Parents.iso



Even though the .iso file is named precisely what the film is called, then it’s changing the titles to something completely different. 

Is there anything I can do about this?

You may try correcting metadata as described at the link below?