ISO editing software recommendations?



I recently just started using Infuse with my 4K aptv. Love It!

I have many full blu-ray rips I did some time ago with anyDVD to play with MyMovies/WMC.

Done that and over it!

However some of these iso files when played with infuse have issues with skipping titles and playing the wrong main title. Never happened with my previous HTPC setup. Lots of extras on these iso files I guess. Like I said they are one for one with the original disc. Infuse has some issues. I have an open case about this issue with playing iso files that one day may get resolved. It has been acknowledged. I just figured this is a work around for now.

What software would be good for deleting the unnecessary titles? It would need to be able to show what these titles are so the right stuff can be removed.

MakeMKV, ImgBurn, WinISO are some that I tried. I dont want to convert anything to MKV. I just want to edit the existing iso and remove the unwanted stuff so it will play correctly with infuse.

Any suggestions?

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I do exactly that with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6. I just leave the menu blank and only import the main title. If there are more than one title, I make a separate set of files in a separate folder. Infuse can use the folder with the proper name of the movie on it. I don’t have it written back into an .ISO file.