.iso DVD image and NitoTV

I have tried to open an .iso DVD image on the appleTV. It looks like it mounts it okay, but then speeds through the menus and goes back to the select screen. Anyone have any suggestions?

It also doesn’t always do this. It only does it like 1 out of 3 or 4 times.

Make sure you have the Mplayer codecs installed in nitoTV > Settings > Install Software.

They are installed. It is an issue with mplayer and that ISO image. I am working now to get the proper kexts installed to see if I can mount the image.

VIDEO_TS files seem to be much more reliable than ISO images. I would try to stick with VIDEO TS.

That is what I am using right now. I am just waiting for you new updates to come out Tuesday so I can hopefully bring this online with my other network. It currently just reboots over and over.