ISO and MKV of same Japanese Bluray cannot play

I just got Weathering With You Blu-ray from Japan, and I wanted to be accessible in my Infuse library, so I created a ISO file, which unfortunately it doesn’t play on Infuse (plays fine on other Blu-ray software players)
Next I tried to make a MKV file, but I was suprised to find out that it doesn’t play as well (the file plays fine in VLC)
Is there some Japanese header info that the app cannot recognize and thus not play?

Hmmm, this sounds strange.

If you have a chance, would you be able to upload a sample we can take a look at?

Hey James,

I think it may be an issue of the file being too large to play over the network? It’s about 40GB. If it’s on my network I cannot get it to play on the programs mentioned above, only if it’s connected directly. I have other files close to 30GB and those play no problem. Although I was able to play 4K files larger than this, albeit dropping frames. Not sure what’s going on…I’m connetcting a HDD to my Time Machine Router. Maybe that is the issue

Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

We’ve successfully tested files up to about 90GB in size, and those did play ok on a wired connection. As you can imagine, things can become a bit unpredictable once you throw Wi-Fi into the mix.

Additionally, the Time Machine isn’t the fastest device around which could also play a role here. If possible you may try streaming one of these files from a Mac/PC to see if they play any better.