Is XBMC launching with aTVFlash 4.0.3?

I am still running Apple OS v2.4 and have been holding off upgrading due to the issue I read that users had the XBMC tab dissappear or XBMC would not launch. The forums over at XBMC highlighted the fact that the current launcher 3.1 was not compatible and they are still testing a new launcher to work with Apple OS 3…

Has anyone got XBMC working/launching here running Apple OS 3 and aTV Flash 4.0.3 ??? Is the XBMC Launcher important on ATV’s running aTV Flash?

Is it safe for me to upgrade and ensure XBMC keeps running?

Worked fine here. (4.03)

I just clicked download, then downloaded the latest XBMC, then the XBMC tab worked.

Yep. XBMC/Boxee work just fine.

Great, thanks for the response guys, much appreciated.